• Elektronik 2015

    Elektronik 2015 Svenska Mässan i Göteborg is next fair we will be a part of. It takes place between April 14-15 2015.

  • New Website

    A new website was launched during TEC Göteborg Fair 2015-01- lättnavigerad. Den lanserades i samband med TEC Göteborg 2015-01-29. 29. It has a modern layout and hopefully easier to navigate and find the information you are looking for.

  • New business system

    In late October, we installed a new business system based on the database software FileMaker Pro. It gives us better opportunities to integrate quotation/order with CAM/Preparation and the Production Process.

    Quotations and order acknowledgments are clearer and gives the customer more information about which production parameters the PCB will have.

  • New AOI from Orbotech

    A new AOI from Orbotech was installed in October. It is replacing an older version and has a newer faster vision system . It gives us a better flow in the Production and even better control of the etched inner and outer layers.

    In the long term it also should be used for control of laser-cut stencils.

  • Inhouse line for ENIG

    In late August we started up our own line for electroless Nickel/Gold ( ENIG).

    This investment gives us better control over the process in terms of quality and accessibility. Delivery times will therefore be the same as for PCB:s with HAL.