Order printed circuit boards, pre-prototypes and stencils directly from the homepage!




With our own production of PCBs and stencils, we can offer our customers fast turnaround pcb:s, flexible solutions and short lines of communication.




Cogra shall with its own production of printed circuit boards, in a rational, environmentally friendly and efficient production process, maintain short lead times, high quality and high level of service and to be the customer’s best option.





    Since October 2018 Cogra Pro AB has been licensed dealer of VectorGuard ™ clamping systems and stencils.
    The license is issued by ASM AS, which owns the trademark DEK and DEK Vector Guard and applies to Sweden, Norway and Denmark..

  • Spray Coating and Direct Imaging

    In our effort to constantly improve our production we have created a more efficient process for application of soldermask. With a new investment in a Spray Coating system, along with our previous investment in Direct Imaging (DI), we now have a modern system that eventually will provide a completely film-free process with great environmental and cost benefits.

  • Produktionslyftet

    Since the beginning of 2017, Cogra has been working on the project Produktionslyftet together with Swerea. The ambition is to strengthen competitiveness and maintain pcb-production in Sweden.

    Our processes will be systematically overlooked in order to eliminate wastefulness, overloading and irregularities. All according to the LEAN concept.

    We are convinced that with this approach we can continue to improve our concept of manufacturing printed circuit boards in Sweden with very short delivery time.